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Unlock ₹51,000: Rajasthan Ekal Dwiputri Yojana 2024 Guide

In the heart of Rajasthan, a beacon of hope shines bright for aspiring daughters across the state. The Rajasthan Ekal Dwiputri Yojana (EDY) 2024 stands as a testament to the commitment of the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) towards empowering young women through education. This visionary scheme not only recognizes academic brilliance but also paves the path for a brighter future, adorned with opportunities and success.

Rajasthan Ekal Dwiputri Yojana 2024
Unveiling the Rajasthan Ekal Dwiputri Yojana 2024
The Rajasthan Ekal Dwiputri Yojana emerges as a transformative initiative, designed to uplift meritorious female students who have showcased exemplary performance in the RBSE Class 10th and 12th board examinations. At its core, the scheme aims to foster a culture of academic excellence while alleviating financial barriers that often hinder the pursuit of higher education among girls.
Objectives of the Scheme
Financial Support: EDY extends a helping hand to deserving candidates by offering substantial scholarship awards, ensuring that financial constraints do not impede their educational journey.
Promotion of Girl Child Education: By acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of young women, the scheme catalyzes inspiring others to strive for academic brilliance, thereby promoting girl child education across the state.
Enhanced Access to Opportunities: Through financial assistance and recognition, the scheme endeavors to provide equitable access to opportunities, enabling meritorious girls to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to society.
Key Highlights of Rajasthan Ekal Dwiputri Yojana 2024
Scholarship Awards
State Level (Top Ranks): An impressive ₹51,000 awaits achievers in Class 12th, while those excelling in Class 10th are rewarded with ₹31,000.
District Level (Specific Ranks): Noteworthy performers in both Class 10th and 12th are honored with ₹11,000, fostering a culture of excellence at the grassroots level.
Eligibility Criteria
Gender: Female students who have appeared in the RBSE 10th and 12th board exams in 2023 are eligible to apply.
Academic Performance: Candidates must have secured specific ranks within the state or district, as outlined in the official notification.
Residency: Applicants must be permanent residents of Rajasthan, demonstrating a commitment to the state’s educational landscape.
Financial Need: The scheme caters to candidates from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, ensuring that financial constraints do not deter them from pursuing their educational aspirations.
Application Process
Step 1: Download the Application Form
– Navigate to the official RBSE website or designated centers to procure the application form for Rajasthan Ekal Dwiputri Yojana 2024.
Step 2: Complete the Form
– Thoroughly fill out the application form, ensuring accuracy and completeness in all sections. Attach the requisite documents as per the provided checklist.
Step 3: Verification and Attestation
– Obtain necessary signatures and stamps, with the application form requiring endorsement by the head of the educational institution and attestation by a notary public.
Step 4: Submission
– Submit the duly filled application form along with the supporting documents to your school principal or designated centers before the stipulated deadline of 15th March 2024.
Important Dates to Remember
Application Start Date: 1st March 2024
Application Last Date: 15th March 2024
Award Ceremony: Tentatively scheduled for May/June 2024 (official date to be announced)

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